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The purpose of this guide is to ensure the safety of all persons who use Magnum Range

and to clearly state the procedure for preserving the firing range.

It also states the responsibilities of Magnum Range, Authorized Range Users,

and Authorized Shooting Range Officers.



1. Everyone must present a valid United States Driver's License or an Identification Card issued by      the DMV.

2. All firearms must be unloaded and safely locked in a case before entering and leaving the range.

3. Absolutely no entry allowed while under the influence of any kind of drugs or alcohol.

4. Must agree and sign our policy before entering the range.

5. All bags will be searched for proper ammunition.

6. Only authorized firearms and ammunition may be used at Magnum Range.

7. Any range officer at Magnum Range reserves the right to excuse anyone from the range at any      given time.



1. You must be over 21 to rent and purchase a handgun.

2. You must be over 12 years old to shoot at the range and must be accompanied

    by a person over 21.





1. All persons inside the firing range must wear hearing and eye protection at all times.

2. Absolutely no pregnant women allowed inside the range.

3. No drinking, smoking, or eating allowed inside the range.

4. The range may not be used for any other activities or unauthorized training.

5. All participants must have received instructions on firing and safety procedures prior to                  entering the range.

6. All participants must understand the command “CEASE FIRE”, which can be issued by anyone        who witnesses an unsafe act or situation.

7. All participants will clean and clear bullet casings/shells from their lanes.




1. If you have your own firearm, you can rent a firearm by yourself.

2. If you do not have your own firearm, you must be accompanied by another person in order to          rent a firearm. One person must be over 21 years old and must possess a valid

    Identification Card.

3. Range ammunition must be used with range firearm rentals.

4. There are no restrictions on how many firearm(s) a person can rent as long as a valid                      Identification Card is provided per firearm.

5. A valid Identification Card has to be held in exchange for each firearm rental until it is returned      properly.



1. No returns on any ammunition.

2. No steel case or steel point.

3. No lead nose.

4. No russian made ammunition (Wolf & TulAmmo).

5. .223 and 5.56 calibers allowed for the general public.

6. Highest caliber allowed for public is 44 Magnum.



1. Every firearm is considered loaded. Therefore treat every gun with extreme caution.

2. Finger has to be off the trigger at all times until ready to fire inside the range. No Exceptions.

3. Do not point the firearm at anyone. Always point the gun in a safe direction. No Exceptions.

4. No rapid fire allowed inside the range. One second pause after each shot. Double Tap is okay.

5. No holster fire allowed.

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